Jones Harmon Communications, Inc., an information strategy consultancy, provides each client with unparalleled excellence in research, strategy and guidance related to how best to use, share and manage information assets.

The goal of JHC is to provide every client company with the best in business research and information analysis related to information management (how to create, use, maintain and dispose of valuable information assets) , information privacy/security, and information governance.  As an independent legal professional, Shannon strives to ensure that every company utilizes their information assets while remaining compliant with the applicable laws and regulations.

Every client company that works with JHC is empowered to continue its growth through maximizing the value of its information assets in a more efficient, effective manner.

In a nutshell, JHC offers big picture strategy and policy guidance as well as project-specific assistance on projects related to more effectively using, sharing and managing your information assets for business growth.

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